Melinda Flatman
Our Committee Chair and Skatepark Project President spends her free time volunteering with local organizations.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services/Management.

Mike Hebing
Board Member, Skatepark Project Committee Member and resident Skater. He is a certified instructor instrumental in skate camps in Hawaii and demonstration events in the Santiam Canyon. 

s.k.a.t.e. History

Roger Crowell
Board Member and Skatepark Project Committee Member. He is a trained culinarian and community volunteer. Free time is spent with his grandkids.

2005 - Community members form committee to develop a skate park in Mill City.

2008 - Fundraisers draw support from local residents and Canyon-at-large and City of Mill City manages funds.

2009 - Fundraisers continue as plans to locate skate venue at Kimmel Park begin.

2010 - Fire at City Hall abruptly ends skate park development.

2013 - Mill City Skatepark Project Committee forms. Fundraising efforts resume.

2014 - Non-profit organization Santiam Kids And Tourism Effort (SKATE) is registered as a legal entity on October 8.

2015 - Combined fundraising efforts amass $12,358.40. City Budgeted funds: $32,500.00; 

Total:​ $44,858.40 held in trust by City of Mill City.

2016 - Mill City Council approves lot site at SW 2nd Avenue and Cedar Street at April 12 meeting. Plans for skatepark surge forward.

2018 - The Mill City Planning Commission approves a Conceptual Site Plan for Skate Park effective July 21. To gain a final approval for Phase 1 construction the site designer to prepare a final site plan and construction plans for the project.

​Santiam Kids And Tourism Effort

Jo Ann Hebing
Our Committee and Skatepark Project Secretary/Treasurer spends her free time volunteering with local organizations serving youth and the community. 

our team

Sherri Gust -Cardwell
Our Vice-President and Skatepark Project Vice-Chair spends her free time volunteering with local organizations- writing grants and planning fundraising events.

Thorin Thacker
Board Member, Skatepark Project Committee Member and  the town's Mayor 2014-16. In his free time, he is also  an avid river rafter and member of several local organizations.